Why Us

Why Us?

Dear parents,
We are open for business as usual. Amidst the spread of Covid19, lives go on. Many parents find themselves spending more time at home which means more time to be with children. At the same time the demand of full time jobs, feeding the family and keeping the household clean and virus free remain. As such, working from home can add more stress onto parents’ shoulders.
Connect with us if you need an educarer or babysitter to back you up.
Here are the precautionary measures we undertake to ensure that all our carers are healthy and fit to take on child-caring assignments:
  • We keep tract of carer’s travel & contact histories to ensure that they are not at risk of having Covid19.
  • We require that carers take their own temperature twice daily at least 1 day before the date of care.
Stay safe, stay healthy and let us know if we can help.
Nannies on Wheels is a social enterprise that provides on-demand, ad hoc nanny services on-the-go. Your convenience and economy, and the safety and well-being of your beloved children are the key prerequisites guiding the planning of our services. We also seek to make a positive social impact by providing gainful and meaningful employment to our nannies. 
Nannies on Wheels operates on the following social mission: To match the gap between a hidden pool of caregiver talent in our society, and the increasing demands among working parents for a creative yet timely and professional nanny service. 
As parents of young children ourselves, we understand first-hand the challenges of working couples. We hope that you as a parent and your young ones will enjoy our services!
Phasellus maximus arcu nec

Educarer at Your Home

Our Educarers provide fun and purposeful child-caring services at your home.
We bring age-appropriate materials to your place and engage your child(ren) in meaningful activities. For infants, we take care of their basic needs and provide quality care aligned with your parenting philosophies.
For regular and longer term child caring at your home, we will prepare progress reports and schedule timely review and feedback with the designated educarer to keep you updated on your child(ren)'s development.
Phasellus maximus arcu nec

Home Care Centre

We acknowledge the challenges faced by parents with infants (below 18 months). To better support parents with young children, we have introduced our home-based day care centre at different locations where our educarers stay, and parents can meet and engage a home-based day care centre near you.
At our centre, the ratio of educarer to infant is 1 to 3 (max.) that provide quality childcarer-infant interaction. Your child's best interest is our priority, and we endeavour to create a safe and caring environment where your child can grow and develop.
Phasellus maximus arcu nec

Educarer at Your Event

Have there been times you wished for child-care support so that you could attend an event? Or have you invited parents to your event but have been told that they have no one to care for their child(ren)?  
Nannies on Wheels goes to your event and helps take care of your children by engaging them in fun and purposeful activities. We provide you with the peace of mind so that you can get the most out of your event.

We can also personalise and customise these services according to your needs.

Nannies on Wheels provides a stimulating, friendly and caring environment where children can thrive in while learning and developing. Our curriculum is designed for age-appropriate experiential learning targeting children below the age of six.

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Tapping on a latent pool of caregivers

  • Experienced / trained caregivers with relevant skills and knowledge
  • Selected individual who are reliable and trustworthy.
  • Local caregivers who are familiar with local background, values and cultures. 
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Ashley Peacock Family

"Nanny has been absolutely fabulous and has been a huge help. She is very gentle with my baby, baby has been so contented."

Ashley Peacock Family

"Nannies recommended are not bad. Overall experience was good. One shared how to better baby-proof my home."

S. (our returned customer)


Neney Bharel Family

"It was a pleasure having the educarer back at least for few hours. Kids enjoyed it."

G. (our returned customer)
Donald Marthew Family

"Nanny is very nice and she has the patience with my kids too."

Donald Marthew Family

"I understand my 1 year-old is going through phase of separation anxiety, and I know the educarer has tried her best."


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Why Join Us

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*High-quality and relevant internal and external trainings
*In-house holistic Training includes: Early childhood development; Coaching; Family education

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*Be educarer who contributes to future generations from home
*Resources and support to get you going as a successful home care centre educarer.

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